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Louis Serna

Author, Father, Son, Husband.

Louis was born in Springer, NM in 1941 and has his roots in the Serna and Vigil families of northern NM. He has been married to Gloria Martinez-Serna for 55 years and it is as a result of this marriage that he started a lifelong avocation of family history study and writing. Gloria’s ancestors are the prominent Martinez and Maxwell families of Taos, NM, both of which Louis has
written books. Over the years, he has also written books on his own Serna and Vigil families, as well as various books on people, places and events in New Mexico’s history for a total of some 15 books.

In the process of his family history writings, he has amassed a very extensive genealogical database of many families of New Mexico who are related in one way or another. His vocations include positions as a teaching professor in various Community Colleges in Seattle, WA where he lived for some 30 years, manager of a vocational training school and Engineering in the metals industries. In his private life, he is an artist and silver artisan, as well as a trained Santero / wood carver of which he is very proud.This book, “Early History of Springer”, is a compilation of Serna’s memories of growing up in Springer in the early 1940’s and 1950’s. He recalls the many families from Springer and surrounding communities, who were “friends” of the family and in some cases, relatives on either sides of his family. He remembers events such as accidents, fires, explosions, train wrecks and other that became part of the history of Springer. He has researched the earliest newspapers of Springer, Census records and other sources from the University of New Mexico Zimmerman Library, and collected articles of interest, some of which he has included in the book. As well, he has included the names and some recollections of his friends and classmates. The book is truly a “Diary” of early Springer from its first settlers in the years before 1882, through the 1950’s. His intention is that generations since that time will not forget those early years and keep those memories alive in their hearts and minds..!

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